Everyone has an opinion on things.  Some of the best discussions I have had with people is when they can discuss rationally their point of view.  Here are my opinions.  No facts or info backing up what I prefer.  Just my opinion on which is better.  Feel free to discuss.

Bad Movie….

Dogs are better than cats.  My dog is super loyal and just plain amazing.

Coffee is better than tea.  Coffee is the go to wake up beverage in my household.

Toilet paper needs to go over towards the front.  Not flap behind.

Star Wars is better than Star Trek.  (Simply a more action packed universe.)

I’m not even going to begin this debate on man vs woman.

There are plenty of other things that people fight over.  Beer vs wine.  Hot dogs vs hamburgers.  Or stronger opinions that have caused riots: Anti-vax vs Vaccination.  Hillary vs Trump.  Home school vs classrooms.  Or even hands on learning vs textbook learning.  God vs everyone else’s God(s) vs Atheists.  Evolution vs Creationism.  

All of us have an opinion on something.  Sometimes our opinions are so strong that we don’t ever accept that we may be wrong.  I am willing to have a healthy debate with friends or family as long as there isn’t animosity being brought into the talks.  

Unless we are talking about Lord of the Rings.  Harry Potter is far superior.  End of discussion.


  1. Kurt · September 14, 2016

    If you are talking about the J.J. Abrams versions, I guess you’re right. They both suck. J.J. Abrams sucks. If you’re talking about the original movies, I guess you’re right. But there was no Star Wars TV show. The Star Trek original series was incredible. Sociopolitical, metaphorical, Shakespearean, there’s never been an equal.

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    • josefhavelka · September 14, 2016

      J.J. Did add action to an otherwise slow story. Star Wars has done many cartoon renditions for tv, many quite good, others not so good (Droids from the mid 80’s comes to mind). I am a huge ST:TNG fan, but something about the Star Wars universe just speaks to me throughout my childhood and into my adulthood.


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