Social Standing

We all have a few circles of friends.  Work friends, old friends, school friends, bar friends, etc.  I have noticed that over the years, the people we hang out with fall into a few categories.  Kind of like the characters in a Dungeons and Dragons mission.  Only instead of a wizard, a cleric, a fighter, a rogue and a ranger you get a slightly more modern grouping of people.

The modern Wizard is more the person who shares old stories of an almost magical feel.  “Remember that time we got so wasted?  We thought we were bears and rummaged through that trash bin looking for pizza!”  This person lives far too often in the good old times.

Instead of a Cleric you have an individual who prays for everyone and they believe everything that happens is god’s will.  It’s a bit naive, but they are generally the nicest in the group who always have something awful happen to them.

A Rogue is more of a romantic.  They are often the ones dating and searching for “True Love”.  Every other month there is a new love interest that they are showing off.  These people also have the hardest break ups.

A Fighter is still a fighter. Oftentimes they are starting a fight among the group or with other groups. These people are the ones who enjoy creating drama and being confrontational. More commonly known as an asshole. Every group needs an asshole- they often say what everybody else is thinking.

Then there is the Ranger.  The leader that the friends look up to in order to find out what’s going on or what the plans will entail.  

In each group there is an individual (or two) that just doesn’t quite fit in.  These people are like the lost sheep just following the herd.  But there they are making things all awkward and stuff.  Trying to be the funny one, or the asshole, or the romantic.  But not quite hitting the mark, kind of like the tv show ALF.

In each of the groups of friends that I have, I am often showing off a different personality.  More often than not, I think I’m the awkward one.  Sitting on the sidelines trying to be humorous or offering ideas of what we should do.  “What?  No one wants to do laser tag?  I guess that’s ok.”  Only to have the idea mentioned a few weeks later by the Ranger and everyone jumps on board.  

God I hate that guy.

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