Today was the first day since I began my daily blog post that I was truly stumped with what to write about.  A bit of depression hit me at the end of this week, making it difficult to focus and come up with what to write about.  Yesterday’s blog post was one I had been working on for a while- so I just polished the edges and tweaked it to completion.

Today I decided to follow the advice from The Daily Post suggestion.  I often skimmed over these thinking, “what a good idea” for those days that I really don’t know what to write.  Today was that day.  The one word prompt PASSIONATE seemed like a great way to get me back on track.  Some people write poems, some write stories, I’m going to blog about why I am passionate about me.

Now you may be thinking, “Hey Josef, isn’t that a tad bit narcissistic?”  Believe me, I’m not saying I’m a God in any way.  What I want to portray is that I am passionate about my life.  I’ve always been a firm believer in the “Golden Rule” and that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I don’t need to be religious to understand that this is the right thing to do.  

Working hard towards a goal often brings out my passion for quality workmanship. Whether it’s cooking a meal for my family or twenty of my closest friends, I am passionate about creating a tasty meal.  The same goes for doing home improvements.  I may not be the best carpenter or plumber, but I do the best I can and love the final results.  

I would like to say I am passionate about movies, but my passion only falls towards movies that make me happy.  Many films from my childhood/teenage years are the ones I am most passionate about.  (Can anyone say Star Wars?)  The same goes for the shows and movies that make my children’s eyes light up.  If we can’t stop discussing a show, I know that it will end up in our movie library.

Because of the passion I have towards a sci-fi and anime, I have become passionate about making costumes, cosplay & props.  I have been known to get upset at myself for cutting corners just to finish a costume.  I try and make it as accurate as possible; that is the challenge.  Making cosplay for my children has become almost a full time job.  They want the details to shine through, and because of their commitment to the characters, I do my best to make their costumes as close to perfect as possible.  I am always learning new tricks and secrets to improve what I make.  

Because of my passion for cosplay and costumes, we have been traveling constantly over the past few years.  These trips have all been road trips, with added stops and experiences on the way.  I have been passionate about bringing new and one of a kind experiences into my family’s life.  All of these journeys have shown me that I am passionate about educating my children beyond just the textbooks.  

I took a wrong turn.

Finally, I am passionate about my writing.  I have been on a personal pilgrimage to discover “my inner voice” since the start of the year.  Some of the stories I share about my life or experiences are humorous.  However, I haven’t been able to portray humor in a way that feels right.  Sometimes it feels forced other times it feels predictable.  Some of the stories I share are my way of talking about how wonderful life is and how much I am enjoying the moments I have on this planet.  

But my most read stories that I have written are my saddest ones.  The ones that show a vulnerable side to me.  The ones that, even as I write them, I have brought myself to tears.  These are the stories that people can relate to.  These are the stories that I pour my soul into and work really hard to perfect.  These stories may be sad, but are passionate nonetheless.

Thus concludes today’s blog post.  PASSIONATE.

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