I’m perfect.  Or so it seems.

I love writing my daily blog posts. I have a few devoted followers who read and comment nearly every time on my Facebook Page.  That’s pretty awesome because it’s encouraging to know that there are people actually reading it.  I’m also pretty sure that there are “bots” that search out tags and instantly “Like” my posts.  That’s ok as well because that info helps me in deciding what tags to use in future posts.  

The tie says it all.

The only thing I’m not getting from any of this is advice or constructive criticism to help my writing become better.  This may be from the fact that people may think I will be easily offended or that I will disregard their opinions.  At this point, as far as I know, everything I write is perfect.

I’m a Spell Check fanatic and Grammar Nazi.  Only recently have I stopped really being “that guy” on social media.  I found people just don’t care.  That saddens me. If I am making a mistake in how I structure my sentences or use the wrong form of a word, such as strait or straight, please point it out to me.  My wife does it to me without any worries of repercussions- and we’re still married.

I’d also like more critiques on my work.  Some examples of what is good criticism:

Does the story flow?

Do the images used help in what I am portraying?

Are my facts correct?

Criticism that isn’t needed:

You suck.

I disagree because you suck.

Your story sucks and therefore you suck.

I am also on the other side.  I have friends /family who also create art and writing.  At times I REALLY WANT TO SAY SOMETHING, but I am unsure how they would react to my criticism.  I don’t want to hurt feelings, but I also don’t want to read or see garbage all the time.  (Just kidding about the garbage comment.)  If any of my friends who create works of art have a tough skin, or want my opinion on what they have created, let me know.  Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.  I try to not be an asshole when offering my opinion- but only if asked.  

Biting my tongue or deleting my comments before hitting “enter” has probably saved more friendships than I could imagine.

I would like feedback please.  If you aren’t comfortable with others reading it, by all means private message me or call me.  If you would like feedback (my opinion) let me know.  I’d love to help.  Whether you take my advice or not is up to you.  I have a certain style and it may not meet your standards.  That’s ok, because doggone it, people like me.

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