One More Lazy September Sunday

It was a late Saturday night at our home yesterday.  Good food, good drinks, and good friends ensured that good times were had.  Not all of our friends could make it out, but that’s ok.  Everyone has different schedules and some had other plans.  There will be more BBQs and more dinners for more friends to come out to in the future.

The late night meant a late start to the next day.  Being exhausted from the food and drinks- it took us a few hours to finally get out of bed once we woke up.   We were smart and a pot of coffee was set the day before on a timer.  The cups of coffee were delivered to my wife and I by our children as we lay in bed.  It’s nice that they do this without being pushed to.  No bribes.  No arguing.  The children just bring us coffee.  My wife and I love them to pieces for these little moments.

Having smart phones and videogames in our bedroom meant we didn’t need to climb out of bed until 1pm.  It was great.  The last of the summer vacation is ending exactly as it should.  A lazy day with no real commitments lay before us.  The children had a pajama day watching tv shows and playing videogames in our theater room.

Back to the grind this week with school and work taking over our lives.  

Everyone needs a lazy day once in a while. 

 We needed this one.  

Experimenting with Foods

I love to cook.  90% of the time my meals turn out perfect.  The other times, I screw up & when I screw up, I screw up big.  Today has me worried…  So I have a back up plan.

We are attempting to make a brisket for the first time.  However, we don’t have a smoker.  I borrowed one from a friend, but upon doing some online research, it’s not the right smoker for tonight’s dinner.  So I am trying to use my gas grill with a smoker box and indirect heat.  It will take all day.  I am hoping for it to be ready by dinner time.  The rub recipe is one a friend from work sent me.  His advice was to cook at 190 for what seems like a gazzilion hours.  So, I woke up at 06:30am and started the meat.  Halfway through the day, it smells fantastic but still has a long way to go.

Usually I BBQ my meats.  I have mastered the cooking times of everything I’ve ever made.  Like I said, 90% of the time the food turns out juicy and flavorful.  The other 10% is me rushing.  Waiting patiently all day to see the final product on a new dish is killing me.  I want it to turn out perfect so badly.  Ugh! The suspense!

What’s more terrifying is the fact that we are having some people stop by for dinner as well.  Remember I said I have a back up plan?  Well, it’s more my wife’s back up plan.  She is using the slow cooker and making a Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork.  It’s one she makes often and it is amazing.  So if I fail on the brisket, at least people will be fed on the pork.  I feel like I’m the Swedish Chef facing off against Gordon Ramsey.  Both cooking icons, both have different styles.

Slow and steady.  Slow and steady.

I must learn patience.  I wonder how long that takes?  Ugh.

The News Today

I stopped watching the news reports on tv a few years ago.  I found most reports are made for shock value.  Inflated numbers about “possible” injured and casualties.  Sensationalized terror attacks breeding fear into the public.  All followed up with some story involving celebrity gossip.  

I still pay attention to the news.  In fact, I get most of my news from NEWS 1130 on the radio as I drive to work.  In the 45 minutes to an hour it takes me to get to work, I usually hear a full cycle of the most important news of the day.  Plus traffic reports and weather every ten minutes.  I like this style of reporting because they need to give facts and not show videos to get their story across.  Sure, on their website there are pictures and video clips, but during my short drive- none of that distracts from the story.

Social media outlets do not share news.  People share “clickbait” and motivational images.  Of course there are things like Kony2012, The Ice Bucket Challenge or changing your profile pic to have the colours of a flag to show “support” to a country that spread like wildfire.  Again, very sensationalized for a brief moment.


Yesterday, SpaceX had an unfortunate setback.  I shared a video from CNN on my Facebook profile of the explosion.  Guess what?  It received a few comments & likes, but really no one else shared the footage.  Why?  Most likely because no one died, no one was injured.  Nothing more than a rocket exploding on a launchpad into a fireball.  Not news worthy to most people.  But I have questions. Hard hitting real questions.  

How did it happen?  What does this mean for commercial space travel?  How soon until they try again?  What kind of insurance did SpaceX need? Travel insurance or vehicle insurance?  

Turns out, Wired also asked some of those questions.  Click on the Wired link: The answers will astound you. (Clickbait joke)

The short answer: Nobody knows.  It’s only the day after the incident.  Science and business fields are waiting to find out about the future of SpaceX and the future of commercial space travel.  I’m waiting to find out.  My friends?  Some may be curious, but most likely do not care.  Part of that reason?  The idea of space travel to regular folks like me still feel out of reach.  As if it’s only for the wealthy elite.  At this point in time, it kind of is.  But one day, we may get off this rock and find a new rock.  

I hope I’m around for that day.  

I also hope SpaceX bounces back quickly from this set back.

I also wonder what their insurance deductible is.

I know nothing about how my body works.

I woke up this morning with a sharp pain in my lower back.  Only it wasn’t my muscles.  So I thought, “Man, my colon is sore” as I rubbed my lower left side.  Then it dawned on me that maybe it was my kidney.  Could it be my liver?  Definitely not my lungs- I know when those are sore.  I really have no clue where this pain is coming from or why I am experiencing it.

It dawned on me that after 40 years on this planet, I really don’t know where my organs are located or what each of their purpose is.  I know the basics.  Brain runs the show.  Heart pumps the blood.  Lungs bring in oxygen for the blood.  Stomach digests the food.  Intestines shove the food waste out.  Without each organ, I could die.  Maybe.  Or I would need medicine or treatments to bypass that death thing.  Medical advances could keep me alive.  See?  All sciency and stuff.  I have zero understanding about my body.  I assume that I have the same organs as everyone else.  That’s where my knowledge ends.

I learned long ago not to trust Dr. Google if I had some sort of ailment.  My family doctor is much better.  He studied medicine for years.  He knows me personally.  He even kind of cares about my well being and my family’s well being.  I trust his medical opinion.  He isn’t a multimillionaire.  He isn’t “Big Pharma” either.  He just wants to help people stay alive and healthy.  I go to him and explain my ailments.  I don’t tell him what drug I think I need or what possible disease I think I’ve contracted.  I know nothing, so I trust my health in his knowledge of medicine and the human body.

Nine times out of ten?  I am advised to go home.  Rest, exercise, eat better, see him again if things persist.  Smart advice.  The other one time?  Inhaler refill.  He recommends a flu shot every year, so I get one.  I haven’t had the flu in over five years.  A common cold every so often, but not the flu.  My children and I are up to date on vaccinations as well.  Guess what?  None of us have gotten the measles, mumps or rubella.  Poliomyelitis?  Not here.  Why?  Because I trust my doctor and his knowledge of the medical field.

I don’t have the answers or the knowledge of how the human body works.  But I am smart enough to find someone who does.  I like my family doctor.  He’s pretty chill.

My wife is no doctor, but sometimes her advice is spot on.  Today for example- I told her about my pain, she told me to try pooping because that may be the problem.  Guess what?  I pooped and feel better.  No doctor’s appointment needed this time.