October is here!

October 1st means three things: Halloween decorations come out, I can wear my Halloween shirts more frequently (sorry Star Wars shirts- you get back burner this month), and we get to have bonfires to burn dead branches for the entire month!

Our first Halloween decoration of the year.

  1. I’m excited about decorating, as mentioned here: Decorating Rules.  But I will wait until tomorrow to get really into it.
  2. I love my Nightmare Before Christmas shirts.  I’ve always loved that film… I should blog about my NBX obsession soon.
  3. Burning stuff is awesome!

Autumn is the best.  The freshness of the air, the leaves changing colors, and the chance to burn stuff?  Yes, campfires are great when camping but they often get banned towards the end of summer because it’s too dry out.  Backyard fire pits also get banned for the same reason.  Or they aren’t even permitted at all in some communities.  We are in the country so we don’t have the same restrictions.  

We also have a wood burning fireplace in our home- which is great in the winter and really heats up our house.  That ambience is great for bringing in the Christmas Spirit.  But having a bonfire on a cool October afternoon with a hint of rain is just plain satisfying.

We have an acre with lots of trees.  The windstorms throughout the year means we also get a lot of debris.  We gather it up throughout late spring and summer and get a nice big pile ready to burn when October hits.  The dry branches burn nice and cleanly giving off heat and flames.  Limited smoke occurs as long as I keep the leaves off.

Watching the embers as they burn down is mesmerizing.  But an afternoon of hauling branches over and putting them on the fire is exhausting.  The end of the day had me getting rained on as I poked around the ashes to make sure everything was out before I returned to the inside of our home and prepared for a quiet evening.

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