Talking to myself

Listen, I don’t often talk out loud to myself.  If I am speaking out loud to myself, it’s usually just to vent some frustration or contempt to a situation.  I have even had back and forth arguments pretending to be the other person involved, just so I don’t actually end up in an argument.  I have done this numerous times in front of my wife in order to avoid confrontation with her.

Usually the voices remain inside my head.  I’ll have full on conversations that last a few minutes.  It sounds crazy, but I find it’s the best way to work things out.  These types of conversations most often happen while I’m driving by myself.  I also use this time to figure out my daily blog posts.  Ah, the musings of a crazy man, eventually brought to life.

I have even been known to monologue.  Especially to my children.  Sometimes it turns into a rant, but more often than not its just a bunch of words strung together. My children are a captive audience that zone out pretty quick.  As I notice their attention span waning, I’ll throw in something completely random just to see if they are listening.  It usually involves a treat or money.  That brings them back to reality.

It’s probably pretty normal to talk to oneself.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  And I agree completely Josef.

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