Questioning Friendship

I enjoy reflecting on my life.  I also enjoy pondering more serious issues.  Today, because of events this past weekend, I thought about the strange thing called “Friendship” and where it comes from, what it means, why is it so complicated?

How do friends choose one another? What draws people close, even if just for a brief moment? What pulls people apart? Is it a misunderstanding or something deeper? Why have I lost friends one day, but gained some another? Is it a personality thing?

How many friends will be there to the end?  How many would gladly give up knowing me if I make a mistake in life or disagree with their point of view?  Which friends are the ones that can forget to call for months at a time but then they will be there exactly when needed?

How many friends are more concerned about what someone has to offer in the friendship than what they could offer them in return?  I know one person who feels if they aren’t getting anything from the friendship (gifts, freebies, things of monetary value), then there’s no point in being a friend.  Which friends would quickly cancel commitments just because it may inconvenience them that day?  What if one chooses to stop being a friend one day, but realizes they need that person the next?

Should I be asking these questions or just let friendships flourish?  Am I probing too intensely into something that just happens naturally?  This is what I think friends are for: 

  • To make memories with.
  • To share stories, experiences, goals and ideas.  
  • To help us grow emotionally and/or intellectually.
  • To laugh with, cry with, get angry with.

Friends are much more than just people you know.  They are the ones who matter.  They are the ones who cross your mind, even if just for a fleeting thought.  Friends are needed.  I need my friends.  Not every moment of every day mind you.  I need to know that they are out there enjoying living their lives.

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