Giving Thanks

This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving.  I don’t know the history of it, but pretty sure Google could help me in that matter.  Moving on from not knowing the original history of it, my history of Thanksgiving has been a time of sharing with friends.

Mmmm food stuffed inside other food.

Almost every year since my wife and I met, we would have a large turkey dinner on either the Sunday or Monday and invited some friends over.  I love dinner parties.  They make me feel all warm inside when I see the joy on people’s faces as they eat our food.  Those who have come over in the past have wanted to return in the years that followed. 

I plan on hating myself this Sunday.

The fact that our friends eat so much and we hardly speak during the meal- means we have done something right.  We make a glorious turkey dinner.  Oh yes, I am serious and may be slightly bragging with this fact.  We eat until we are immobile.

Not in my home!

We don’t have family over.  My mother and sister live far away, and my wife’s family often does an uncomfortable dinner at her sister’s home.  Ours is usually just friends who need a place to eat because their family is elsewhere or they don’t have a commitment for the weekend.  It makes for a more joyous occasion with lots of food and drinks.

The perfect Nuclear Family.

This year, we haven’t invited anybody over yet.  It’ll just be myself, my wife and our three children.  It’s actually because we have been extremely busy in our lives and pretty much forgot to invite anyone.  We are still having a large turkey and all the same size portions for our meal just in case anyone still needs a place to eat.  

Our table is open this Sunday.  I’m planning on getting as stuffed as the bird does.

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