Writing everyday has made me get repetitive with my thoughts making my everyday writing get repetitive.

255 blog posts this year.  Today’s post is number 256.  That’s one written blog post everyday since I started 256 days ago.  Besides myself, I think my wife is the only other person who has read every single one.  Some of them really suck.

Today I stared at my iPhone trying to come up with a post.  What do you do when you can’t think of a post?  Why you surf the internet of course.  You open the Facebook app.  You browse Instagram.  You put the phone down and stare blankly at nothing.  You pick up your phone and open WordPress and stare at a blank screen.

That fresh white screen stares back at you.  It judges you.  The horrors of high school projects come rushing back.  You start writing, then realize, “Dang.  I wrote about that already.”  Great.  Delete.  A new paranoia is kicking in.  “I have nothing new to write about.”

That last statement isn’t true.  I know it isn’t.  I know deep down I have more stories to share.  I just need to get those juices flowing.  I need to make my words have meaning.  I need to add a touch of humanity to my writing.  I can do it.  I can accomplish another blog post.  I could even search images online to make it look more fun.

And like that.  *POOF*  I just wrote today’s daily musing.  Thank the gods.  It’s not a great post.  But it’s mine.  I wrote it.  I created it.  I am sharing it knowing full well I’ve written better ones.

Ah man.  I still need to write one tomorrow as well.

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