One of my favorite parts about being a parent is the way my children exaggerate their feelings.  Ok, that’s an exaggeration.  But I oftentimes hear these phrases:

“My life is totally over.”

“You’re the worst parent ever.”

“I’ve been waiting forever.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“I always do the cleaning!”

“I only wore this once this week.”

“I took a shower.”

Mind you, this isn’t daily.  It seems to be when they’re having a bad day.  Le Sigh.  At this point with my parenting skill set, I have learned to ignore most of these comments.  However, if I’m feeling sassy, I’ll fire back with sarcasm.  It’s my gods given right as a parent to fire back with wit in times of frustration.

Sometimes the banter continues until the children crack a smile.  Other times silence from both parties will end with a hug and an apology.  My kids are great people.  They’re trying to learn their place on this planet and where they fit in.  I can’t always get angry at them.  Sometimes there is a deeper hidden reason for the frustration.  You just have to get past what they’re saying and listen to how they’re speaking.

It’s harder now as they get older to decipher the exaggerations from the lies.  Teens have a good way of telling you something over and over until they believe it.  I really don’t believe this statement: “I don’t have any homework.”  

Parenting is a crazy game with no rules.  You just hope that your kids survive until adulthood and leave the house with all of their digits and brain cells.  You also hope that by that time you still have your brain cells and sanity.

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