Dinner is served.

Today my family and I are celebrating Thanksgiving.  I’m not sure celebrating is the right word.  We are having a turkey dinner with all the fixings followed by apple pie for dessert.  

Home made apple pie.

Eating dinners as a family is one of the most important things that I have found we need to do.  On long days, we will still eat dinner together at 9pm.  It gives us time to communicate and share about our day or plans for the next few days.  We encourage our children to help prepare meals or set & clear the table.  We have done this their entire lives in order to make it a habit.

Getting some videogames ready on the Wii-U.

Tonight’s dinner is no different.  From preparing the apple pie yesterday to stuffing the bird today, we all work together.  Most of our afternoon involved relaxing reading books, playing videogames, practicing piano, or in my case-taking a nap.  All of this whilst we enjoyed the aromas of the garlic and stuffing as it emanated from our oven as the bird cooked to perfection.

Best invention EVER!

We peeled potatoes, set the table, and poured the wine into our good crystal (Sprite for the kids).  Everyone hustled around to get the dinner perfect.  It was only for us, but the kids wanted it to be special.  

Today I raise a glass and give Thanks to my family and friends.  May you all have full stomachs and hearts as we journey though the holidays over the next few months.

High quality cranberry sauce. Still in can shape.

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