I Just Can’t Do It Alone

Having a family means I put their needs ahead of my own.  Usually.  I work to pay the bills, provide food, shelter, etc…  My free time is involved in extra curricular activities.  Either driving, watching, encouraging or celebrating with my family.  I love watching my children succeed.  I love that my wife has a fun business that takes us on trips to other cities.  I love my family.


Besides sleeping, my free time is rather diminished.  So I blog.  I make the time to allow myself to write out my thoughts.  Sometimes I can get my writing done while the kids are at school.  Sometimes I get it done while the kids are asleep.  But on days like today, I needed to sit back and write.  Hopefully uninterrupted.  But no such luck.  I found a quiet spot on the couch, only to be hunted out fairly quickly by my wife.  She came into the room and just began talking to me.  

Part way through, she paused to ask who I was texting. “No one.” 

What’s new on Facebook? “No idea.”

Have you been on Instagram? “Not yet.”

What are you doing then? “Working on my blog.”

Why didn’t you say so?

So there’s my dilemma.  I should have announced that I needed a bit of time alone.  I shouldn’t have snuck off to a quiet comfortable spot in the middle of the house.  Taking some “me time” is sometimes seen as escaping the family.  I guess it is.  I just wanted a few minutes to get my thoughts out.  After starting one blog post, I saved that draft and began this one instead.  

As quickly as I was interrupted, I was left alone again.  I have finished my blog post/mini rant, but now I need my wife to proofread.  My alone time is over.

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