School Drop… F-Off!

Today I experienced what my wife has been complaining about for years.  The idiocy of school drop off.  I’ve experienced it before, but sometimes I just need to vent after.

Each year the school newsletter puts out relevant information on where and how to drop off the students.  Our school has two “Drop Off/Pick Up” zones available.  Fairly simple- pull through next to curb, open door, kick student out, move on.  Should take less than 30 seconds- safely driving away after.  It would appear that besides myself, my wife, & only a handful of parents abide by these rules.  The rules aren’t enforced by anyone, so most parents don’t adhere to them.  

This is frustrating and dangerous to the children.  Cars are seen stopping in the middle of the street and doors whipping open, having kids jump out.  Or worse, they pull into the drop off zone and park for ten minutes.  Sometimes with all doors wide open and hanging out having long conversations with their kids.  Did they not just have five to twenty minutes of driving time with said child/children that could have explained the meaning of the universe ten times over???  This idiocy blocks other parents from coming through and dropping their kids off.  Now I see why parents stop in the middle of the street.

Even worse is the parents who can’t understand the simplicity of the Enter/Exit.  I have witnessed cars coming in the wrong way, even though the parking lot is clearly marked with signs and painted arrows on the ground.  The looks of disgust I send out are often met with a shrug or complete ignorance.

Don’t even get me started on the excessive speeds that parents feel they can drive through the school zone.  Many parents seem only concerned about getting their kids to school.  After that, there is no concern for anyone’s well being.  One time I was doing the speed limit in a different school zone and some a-hole decided to illegally speed past on a double solid line at a crosswalk.

All of these moments make me want to exact demolition derby revenge with my car into theirs.  But it won’t stop bad behavior.  I guess I’ll stick with stink eye, middle fingers and horns to get my feelings across.

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