I like being clean shaven.  Mostly because it would take me months to grow any kind of facial hair.  No joke.  After graduating high school, I grew a goatee to try and show off my manhood.  Ya.  I looked like Shaggy- that was also the Halloween costume of the year.  I did kind of like having well manicured hair, but it was short lived for only a of couple years.

One month’s growth. Circa December 1st,2011.

Back in 2011, I grew a mustache for Movember.  It was for a good cause and helped raise money and awareness for men’s health.  Go Joe!  I shaved the day after it was all over.

I have a regular shaving routine.  Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  The days in between- you could barely tell that I have any stubble.  It just doesn’t want to show up.  Five o’clock shadow? Maybe in a week’s time it would be there.  It takes me less than a minute to shave.  I like the look, it keeps me young.  My children prefer it as well.  They like hugs and giving me a kiss on the cheek after a shave.

My father had a beard and only ever trimmed it about once a month.  He smoked and drank beer, so the smell remained around his face trapped in his beard.  It kept me at bay.  So when I became a teenager starting to grow hair, he never took the time to teach me how to shave.  I bought a cheap electric razor and used that for years.  Then this magazine for men – Maxim became my source for all things important to me.  In one of the articles, I learned the right way to shave with a razor and shaving cream.  I’ve never looked back.

I have many friends with facial hair of all types.  Some guys have glorious beards, others are scruffy.  Some guys are so well kept they have an air of being metrosexual.  Others really should take lessons in shaving.  Facial hair or lack of hair is who we are.

I’m going to end this with a quote my friend (with great facial hair) often says when excited:

By Odin’s Beard!

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