No Internet? No Problem. Nap time.

Today half the Internet went down.  At least that’s what I heard.  You see, I was sleeping all day, so I really have no idea.

When I did wake up, I saw numerous posts about it on Facebook.  So I read a few links about how it happened and what websites were affected.  As I’m reading the comment sections, I realized that for a few hours of not having access to certain sites, people became really agitated.  Like next level angry.  And for no good reason but that the comforts of browsing or watching videos was disrupted.

Here goes more “Old man” talk:  I grew up without the Internet.  My life was planned around 30 minute intervals of television shows.  If I wasn’t watching tv, I was hanging out doing nothing of importance except spending quality time with friends.  

The internet arrived with a whimper not a bang.  No one cared.

Dial up was slow and if you had call waiting and the phone rang- you lost connection.  My “online” time was limited to late nights.  And no, online porn wasn’t readily available back then.  My late nights were on BBS networks playing text based games.  Gradually the internet evolved.  Speeds had gotten better.  Phone lines became fiber optic.  

Instant gratification has now become the norm.  Even as I write this blog on my iPhone, I know when I hit publish it will be instantly accessible to everyone.

Not having internet access shouldn’t be the end of the world.  Sure, we all take it for granted nowadays that internet is there with the click of a button or a tap of the screen.  But not having access for an hour or two should be taken as a moment to reflect on life.  

Go out for a walk.  

Call an old friend.  

Take a nap.

The internet will return with, “IT’S BACK!”  And everyone will go back to watching viral cat videos.

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