Fall is rolling in slowly around the West Coast.  Filled with chilly, rainy days but still well above the zero Celsius mark.  Autumn brings forth my favorite look for this time the year.


I never liked wearing sweaters as a kid/teen.  It was seriously uncool.  But over the past decade and a bit, I’ve been growing fond of the look.  I once had a sweater vest I was really proud of that was donated to me by my father in-law.  That’s when I realized, I enjoy rocking the “old man” look in the winter.  It’s cozy and in a sense- regal.  It’s the look of a man who strives for comfort, and in many cases, not fashion.

The most influential sweaters of my life ranked in order of ascending greatness:

What good feeling.

5. Mr Rogers:  Why?  Because he was the father figure/tv teacher of my childhood generation.  The first thing he did every episode was put on a sweater while he sang.  He was a happy, sweater wearing badass.

The stuff of nightmares.

4. Freddy Krueger:  Why?  His iconic look was completed with a rather ordinary sweater.  It symbolizes my love of schlock gore films.

Lew plays through.

3. Lew Hayward:  Why? Scrooged is one of my favorite Christmas films.  It is filled with some fantastic lines.  Lew is what I picture my father to be like nowadays- dead and still playing golf.

But what would I wear?

2. The Grinch:  Why?  It’s the most iconic of ugly Christmas sweaters.  Christmas time screams sweaters to me & this sweater screams the loudest.

1. Lebowski:  Why?  Because he’s the Dude, man.  No other explanation other than it really tied the room together.

Now to dust off my old sweaters and break out the cocoa.  Old Man Winter is on his way.

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