Late Nights and Long Days

The regular routine of life often leaves me exhausted.  Nightshift spills over into daytime appointments and attempts at sleep.  Our children lead busy lives with regular school, as well as activities before school & after school (held at the school), and piano lessons.  One of our kids is doing the yearbook,  one is in cheerleading and the youngest in speed skating.  On Monday, our eldest in grade nine is at her school for nearly twelve hours.

As parents, we want the best for our children.  So we encourage them to search out their interests.  But we don’t want them to give up on their talents.  It’s a fine line between being persuasive vs being bossy when it comes to parenting.  It’s exhausting.  Period.

So here we are on a Friday night.  I’m about to head to work and the kids are getting much needed time to relax.  Pizza, sodas and vegging out.

My middle child is out at a costume party.  While my youngest will be playing videogames to his heart’s content.  And our eldest has decided she wants to teach herself guitar.

She is a music major at school, so I’m pretty sure she will do just fine learning to shred.  The only issue is, she wants to use her sister’s guitar.  Without permission.  This has caused a few fights between them.  Ah sibling rivalry.  So tonight while her sister is out, she is sneaking some play time.

So my Friday nights have changed over the years.  I’m passing on the fun times to my children.  Perhaps one day they will appreciate it.

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