With A Little Help From My Friends

This thing called life is challenging at the best of times.  There are many hurdles and obstacles that we need to overcome in order to move on.  I am the manager of my own life.  As any good manager out there, you know that you need the strongest people to help boost you up.

I rely heavily on my friends for many things.  If I have questions about cars, music, travel, food, children, boats, school, movies, writing, video games, real estate and an assortment of many more- there is always a friend out there who has some experience that I wish to draw from.  Sharing experience and knowledge help each of us grow.  I have friends who are better than me in many ways and many aspects.

The fact that my friends are eager to share their knowledge with me makes me feel loved.  It’s also a bit of an ego boost to each of us when someone comes to you seeking out your expertise in a given field.  Any of the knowledge I share comes from other people’s expertise that was shared with me.  Like an intellect pyramid scheme growing and expanding upward and onward.

Our society can only grow when we share our knowledge with each other.  To all my friends out there- thank you for all of the help that you have given me over the years.  

I hope that my knowledge of how to nap can help you out when you need it.

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