This weekend at Fan Expo Vancouver, there is a Lego area.  They always come to this convention.  And every year, my ten year old son spends pretty much the entire weekend there.  I’m totally cool with that.

Setting up the display he was asked to make today.

He is enjoyed by the staff & volunteers who work the floor in the Lego area.  My son has become quite the talk of that section of the convention.  Over the years we have been told that he is courteous and helpful all weekend with the other kids who stop by.  This year is no different.  

Yesterday a family showed up at my wife’s table to ask if Theory was our kid.  They wanted to express their thanks for what our son had done that day.  It would seem that Theory was very patient with their six year old autistic child and taught him how to build and just have fun.  They were unable to get their son to focus long enough for almost anything and tried to get him into Lego.  They told my wife that our son opened up new horizons for their son and they were extremely grateful.

As well yesterday, the staff at the Lego booth were super excited to tell my son that one of the seven  “Lego Master Builders” was going to be there on the Saturday.  My son for a moment was also super stoked, but soon realized that he and the Master Builder – Robin Sather- have been hanging out every year already.
Robin and Theory get along really well.  They think the same and love just building.  They have spent hours together at previous shows just talking and building.  The creativity just flows.

His 2015 design (that was also stolen after going on display) 2015 Fan Expo.

Who knows, maybe one day my son will be a Master Builder too.

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