Daily Drive Dammit

Yesterday my Honda Element gave me a scare.  It decided to lose power while I was on the freeway.  I pulled over.  Shut off the car, then started it up and drove off.  But it happened again.  I pulled over, shut the car down, cursed and swore, started it up then began driving, keeping my RPMs low.  That seemed to do the trick until I got to work to diagnose the issue.

The internet is my friend & foe.

I had some time before work and searched everything possible on the internet about what could cause this.  Holy worst case scenarios Batman!  I was looking at possible hundreds of dollars in repairs…  Without a diagnostic computer, I thought I’d  have to take my car in to get serviced ASAP.  Lucky for me a fellow coworker was able to assist me.  We plugged in a reader to my ECU and with his handy app on his phone, we read the codes.

What does it all mean?

Turns out to be the O2 sensor.  Lucky for me, I already had an appointment to get that replaced on Monday.  So I called the mechanic and was able to bring it in today.  

After dropping off the car, they found more issues.  Big surprise. Hashtag sarcasm.  If I want to get the repairs done, I might as well say goodbye to my hopes of buying a PS4 for Christmas.  Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do since I need this vehicle to get around.

But really, for a vehicle we’ve owned new since 2003, it’s been pretty dang good.  With 277,280kms of driving it has been one of the best daily drivers ever.  Major repairs in the past have been a new clutch and muffler.  That’s it really.  We’ve done the brakes twice and installed new tires as needed.  Fluid changes on a regular basis has kept the Lego Mobile running.

After forking over money for today’s repair and knowing there’s still more to do- it makes it difficult to want to trade it in or sell it.  Especially if I drop another $500.  I’m known for my car.  People have waved and yelled at me over the years (both good and bad mind you).  I do love the Element in the way that one could love a car.  I would like to have my children learn to drive in it, so we shall see if it stays in our possession for a few more years.

Heck, if I lived closer to work, I’d ride my bike.  Just kidding.  That’s crazy talk.

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