Rewrites and edits

Holy smokes.  Writing is tough.  Even when I write a grocery list, I can get worked up.  I want it perfect.  My list is based on what store we are hitting, and which aisles in the order we go through them.  Alphabetizing the list is just crazy talk though.  And to-do lists are equally as important.  I’m constantly adding and re-writing my lists.

Speaking of edits… Angry social media posts, texts or emails should always be curbed for a bit before you hit share/send.  Those things are very difficult to undo if you happen to write something you will eventually regret.

Writing my blogs, that’s something else entirely for me.  I am trying to share with the world some insight into who I am.  I’m trying to peel back the layers, and expose my inner self.  I’m essentially trying to look good naked- figuratively speaking.  

Through edits, re-writes, erasing and reviews I finally polish off something that I’m proud to share each day.  A little bit of my life gets the limelight so to speak.  Giving a little bit of myself to the world.  

But not before my wife proofreads it.

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