Unicorns and Magic

I’m sick today.  Nothing I am doing is making me feel better.  Soup, tea and sleep are all I have at the moment.  Worst of all is that I work the night shift in a few hours.  So no cold medicine.

The medicine I’m talking about is the kind that is sold over the counter, and brings with it sensations of floating.  NeoCitran and NyQuil are fantastic for taking you away from the illness and off to a land of crazy dreams or dizzy spells.  Neither of which are conducive when you work for a railroad and have to instruct crews on where they need to be going.

I’m pretty sure that this sickness will pass in a day or two.  But in the meantime Kleenex and blankets and self pity are making me feel better.  Or worse.  It’s always darkest before the dawn, right? (Night shift pun).  I could always call in sick to work, but then I’d be moping around regretting the sleep I had during the day.

So, now that I have eaten my soup and written my blog, I am off for a quick nap.  Except the heartburn has arrived.  

Ugh.  Complaining is tough.

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