Sunday Funday

Today was a day of family, food and friends.  Along with Christmas decorating and video games.  

Next level Gingerbread house.

We started our day by celebrating my father in law’s 84th birthday.  Eleven of us went out to a brunch at the local golf and country club.  We pigged out.  I started with the omelette station and lots of bacon.  Followed by roast beef and the fixings.  Some seafood and appetizers entered my belly as well.  Then I grabbed a plate full of desserts- disappointing desserts.  Things that looked like chocolate, but ended up not being chocolate.   Eww. 

Tacky trees. More upsetting than not having a tree.

While we were there, we checked out the Christmas Trees that lined the halls.  Many of them tacky trees paid for and decorated by corporations and businesses.  It really took away from what the spirit should be.  So when we left, we decided to come home and start bringing our home into the spirit of the season.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

Boxes filled with garlands, lights, nut crackers, wicker sleighs, hats, candles, trains,  glassware and stockings.  Everything very traditional looking and warm.  I played Christmas music through our home as we cleaned and opened boxes.  The whole family was involved this year.  Usually it’s just me doing the decorating, but now that the kids are older, they are really helpful and enjoy it.

We are ending our evening with another night of Mario Kart with some friends.  Junk food and laughter with a few curse words thrown in.  I enjoy opening our home up to our friends.  We often have people over around the holidays to enjoy some rich foods and relaxation.  As the winter solstice approaches, we hope to entertain more often throughout the season.  

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