It’s Not Really a Lie…

I have a talent of expressing half truths and giving out just enough information as needed.  I’ve done it all my life- usually only when it benefits me.  My favorite part is that I know what I’m saying isn’t true, but I can make it believable.  

This is especially handy when it comes to my children at Christmas time.  

Sorry, but they are way past the “we believe in Santa” stage.  I’m talking about lies regarding what they are getting for Christmas.  I can string them along quite nicely and shock them with a gift (or lack of a gift…) on the special day.  

Part of the magic of Christmas is not knowing.  My wife hates that I can guess what she gives me almost every year.  But, I’m good at catching her off guard with that “WoW” gift.  I also enjoy those moments when one of my kids goes, “Huh.  Dad really does listen.”  The look on their faces is priceless and heartwarming.

What am I going to do with a gun rack?

I wonder if I will get surprised this holiday season?  Doubtful.  But I know I’ll be surprising my family quite a bit.  I’m excited.  Hopefully my kids won’t read today’s blog…

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