Cleaning, Cleaning and MORE CLEANING

Cleaning never ends.  Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room- always seem to need a tidying up regularly.  It’s difficult to keep a home clean, especially with people living in it.

I’m going to outright state it- I’m probably the neatest person in our home.  And I’m no Mr. Clean.  But I do my best to put everything away in >>what I feel<< is the proper place.  There have been many discussions about where stuff belongs…  

My biggest issue in our home is dog hair.  The second is all the little bits of trash that float around that everyone wants to keep.  My family has saved such junk as an old clothing tag with an image of Hello Kitty to a crumpled plastic bag from the Lego Store.    Business cards to receipts to old envelopes also adorn our counters and shelves.  I go through and purge what I feel is junk on a regular basis.  Again, this has brought on some heated discussions between my wife and I.

Another broken ornament?

Now there is a Christmas explosion in our home.  Glitter and pine needles are the bane of my existence this time of year.  I swear we are vacuuming every other day now.  As well, there is nothing worse than a broken glass ornament.  Those things are so Fra-GEE-Lay that sometimes just pulling them out of the box causes them to shatter.

Creepy Santa…

But all of the cleaning and hard work is made easier this time of year.  For some reason our children are really really helpful- as if someone were watching them.

Too bad it wasn’t like this the rest of the year.

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