Sleeping is my favorite pastime.  Having a comfortable bed is awesome.  My wife knows that if I climb into bed for a “nap” it will last minimum four hours.  We also own a couch long enough for me to lay across and still have room for the kids to sit and watch tv.  I even wrote a blog post about taking naps. It’s titled Naps.  <–Check it out.  Falling asleep for me doesn’t take much.  Maybe I’ll share my secrets one day.

Onto today’s topic: Pajamas.

Sears bringing wishes to life for years.

Yesterday I was looking for pictures of our backyard ice rink when I stumbled across some photos of Christmas from long ago. Thirty years ago I had a set of red Winnie The Pooh pjs direct from Sears. Anyone else remember the Sears Wish Book? That was our way of searching for toys and goodies pre-internet.  We must have gotten that book for two decades, my wife and I even picked them up on occasion once having kids.  I remember my mother would be on the phone calling in codes and confirming shipping back in September in hopes that us children would still like those gifts when they arrived under the Christmas tree.  One year I got pjs that I loved.

Winnie the Pooh PJs and Hockey totally make me look cool.

They were red, even though I wanted blue, but I loved the crap out of them.  They zipped all the way up from the inside of my heel to my neck.  They had feet!  Footed pjs with little grips on the bottom.  I could run around the kitchen linoleum and not slip.  As I grew (like most children) I was wearing these pjs for months until my mother had to cut off the feet and add an elastic because I didn’t want to give them up.  Even the Winnie the Pooh emblem had begun peeling off before this happened.  But once the footies were gone, so was my love for them.

Years passed.  As I grew up- I went through pajama suits, to just wearing boxers, pajama pants, even sleeping naked.  Long before having children mind you- those rascals always know when you are indecent and they want to talk.  But I never again owned a onesie with feet until a couple of years ago.

A couple of years ago, I was walking through the local mall and saw that they made adult pj onesies with feet!  I bugged my wife to stop, tried some on, and was so excited about them.  But Christmas was coming up and I didn’t want to buy them- just in case Santa was going to bring them for me.

He didn’t.

I was a bit upset.  But that’s ok.  My wife explained that she hated the pjs.  However, three months later on my birthday- my middle daughter gave me my first pair of adult onesie pjs!  I put them on with excitement.  I even showed off the bum flap!


I love these pjs.  My wife hates them.  So I am only wearing them as I sleep during the days as I rest for my night shift.  I had to forgo “Sexy” for “Comfort” in this time off chilly winter weather.  Plus, I really like how soft they are.  Fleece is so warm.  Now every December I bring them out only for a couple of months.  I want them to last for years.  

But not just to spite my wife- these pjs are like a warm hug that brings back memories of a simpler time.  A time when videogames had one button and four colours.  A time when telephones had cords.  A time when Santa was a creepy smelly man in the mall who really did smoke a pipe.

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