Die Hard IS A Christmas Movie

Over the past few years, I’ve been enjoying the memes on the interwebs that tell me Die Hard is a Christmas movie.  Originally as a joke- I’m now beginning to agree that it is going to be a Christmas Classic.

This is only the second (maybe third) Christmas that I have watched Die Hard at Christmas.  The film holds up, despite its age.  It is a lot of fun.  Maybe not the best film for my ten year old to watch- even though he has watched a few other questionable shows/films growing up already.  (He wanted a Walking Dead birthday cake a few years ago of zombies eating a horse like in season one…)

The first time I watched Die Hard was in Grade 8.  It was at a friend’s house for his birthday party.  We watched Die Hard, then went to do paintball.  That was also the one and only time I did paint balling in my life.  I sucked at it.  Not that it really mattered much since I went through most of my ammo in practice…  I didn’t realize that it wasn’t like playing NES and you didn’t have unlimited shots to fire.  Thirteen year old boy logic at its finest.

Now that I have watched Die Hard a few times since then, I really do feel it is a Christmas movie.  But for me it is because of the memories I have of the times I spent with my old friends growing up.  I am still friends with my buddy on Facebook and we share stories and comments on there.  We drifted apart as high school progressed because I changed schools.  It’s strange though that his humor and my humor are very similar, and that we have both done many great things in our lives.  Still, my strongest memory of being his friend is watching Die Hard.

Now to watch my other favorite Christmas Classic (that probably shouldn’t be considered a Christmas movie)- Gremlins.

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