New Car Smell

I was so happy to get my new car. It was bought and paid for on Monday.  I drove it to pick up my kids on Tuesday afternoon. That evening we drove as a family to their Christmas Concert.  The leather interior promoted a very strong new car smell.  Our one daughter described it as “smelling like Gramma’s car”.  Note 1: My mother takes very good care of her vehicles- that they smell like they are brand new years later.  Or she buys a new car constantly and I just never caught on…  But the new car smell doesn’t last forever.  In fact, I think my kids are pretty determined to change it in my car.

After the Orchestra Concert that our daughters performed at on Tuesday night, I decided to drive the family around and look at Christmas lights.  Of course I wanted to- I had just bought a new car!  We all sat down in the car and the heat warmed us quickly as we headed away from the auditorium in search of some lights.  Within moments, a peculiar odor emerged.  Turns out that my wife’s daughter farted as soon as she sat down.  Note 2:  As with most couples- our kids are often referred to as the other one’s kid when something goes wrong.  Or in this case, sullied the air that we breathe!

After opening our windows and letting the stink cloud out- as well as all of the heat in the car- the New Car smell began to break through again.  Hooray for leather seats!  We continued on our journey finding Christmas lights on our way home so we decided to take a detour and check out our local park.  

“Christmas in Williams Park” is celebrating 26 years of the event.  Lights, time, and effort are all donated to the event.  To view it is by donation.  Not $20/person like some of the bigger events around Vancouver.  So don’t expect much.  But it’s good for the kids, plus you drive through it.  Yay!  Keeping warm and enjoying my new ride.

We left the park and we were about five minutes from home when my son, who was sitting in the back middle seat of the car, announced that he was feeling sick.  I assumed he just didn’t want to go to school the next day so I told him we’d be home soon and he could go to bed. 

A few seconds later he warned me again.  Then came the sound.  The sound of vomit being stopped by his hands.  The sound of puke spraying out of his mouth and trying to squeeze past his fingers.  The screams of fear from our daughters on either side of him.  Oh the noises in my new car.

I remained calm and pulled over.  Put on the hazard lights and fumbled to unlock the doors.  Our oldest quickly jumped from her seat, pointed out that the car smells like barf and announced that she was going to be sick now.  My wife’s son (see Note 2), who still had his hand over his mouth, struggled to undo his seatbelt. So our other daughter -the one now called farty pants- who was still in the car tried to help him.  He got out of the car finally and moved his hand to release the vomit he was holding from his mouth onto the side of the road.

My wife was on the side of the road with him, helping to clean him up.  As much as I could have lost my cool, yelled, and thrown a fit, I felt bad for my son.  So, I calmly wiped up the couple of spots from the car- again Yay for leather!  And we got back into the car and made our way home.  My poor new car.  Not even in my possession for a day and two of the three kids attempted to “mark their territory”.

The next morning, I went to my car to warm it up- I was sure it would smell like an after party.  I opened the door, and it hit me like a wave.  New car smell was back!

Miracles really do happen.

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