You can hear this word in TV shows, movies, even children speaking to adults. The overuse of the word is becoming an epidemic and everyone should become aware of this problem.

“Actually” is now becoming the most annoying word in the English language. It has taken over for the previous annoyance from the word “like”. People are often using this word in an attempt to sound more impressive and intelligent- usually during a discussion or argument.

Don’t get me wrong, this adverb should still be used in moderation. Actually, I use it quite often in my speech as well. It just tends to sound better than “like” or “uh” and “um”. But the overuse has got to stop. I urge everyone out there to help put an end to this problem.

Perhaps we can use another language to express the word:

Arabic: فِي الوَاقِع، فِي الحَقِيقَة، فِعْلاً
Chinese (Simplified): 实际上
Chinese (Traditional): 實際上
Czech: skutečně, opravdu
Danish: faktisk; faktiskt; virkelig; virkeligt
Dutch: echt
Estonian: tõepoolest
Finnish: todella
French: réellement
German: wirklich
Greek: πραγματικά, όντως
Hungarian: valóban
Icelandic: raunverulega
Indonesian: benar-benar, sebenarnya
Italian: in realtà; veramente, realmente
Japanese: 実際に
Korean: 정말로
Latvian: īstenībā; patiesībā
Lithuanian: iš tikrųjų
Norwegian: egentlig, faktisk
Polish: rzeczywiście, faktycznie
Portuguese (Brazil): realmente
Portuguese (Portugal): na realidade
Romanian: într-adevăr
Russian: действительно
Slovak: skutočne, naozaj
Slovenian: v resnici
Spanish: en realidad, realmente
Swedish: verkligen, faktiskt
Turkish: gerçekten, hakikaten

Because together, we can benar-benar make a difference.

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