My Christmas Traditions

Everyone who celebrates this season has a set of traditions.  We have many that evolved over the years.  I’m going to quickly share them.  (Most involve food and drinks).

Boozy Christmas Tree

On mornings that I don’t work throughout December- my coffee enjoys a touch of Bailey’s or Kahluha.  Then I enjoy the coffee.

A couple weeks into December, we decorate our kids’ trees as we play “Yule Be Wiggling” by The Wiggles.  It’s something that the kids love dancing to and decorating at the same time.  It’s been a lot of fun- so we keep it up.  We have three trees that get decorated.  Each year, our children take turns putting the Star on the special Christmas tree.  This is the central tree in our living room that the precious ornaments adorn and gifts go under.  

Throughout the month, I play Christmas music through the house and we take time to watch Christmas movies. We always save our favorite for the last. “A Christmas Story”.  

There are a few other kid’s movies that we still watch like “The Powerpuff Girls: ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas.”  No matter how much the kids grow up, these movies are still fun to watch.

We bake cookies for about a week before the big day.  If we make them too soon- they get eaten before we make it to Christmas.

Christmas Eve is also filled with cleaning.  It’s the last chance to have a perfect home.  Then comes the cooking.

My father’s Fancy Sandwiches

Every Christmas Eve morning, I awake early to bake a couple of loaves of fresh bread.  Then in the afternoon I make what my father called “Fancy Sandwiches”.  We enjoy a couple of them in the late afternoon in order to suppress our hunger until later in the evening.  Saving a dozen or so for lunch the next day.

Our Christmas Eve Dinner is pretty basic. My wife prepares potato salad and I make the schnitzel.  The biggest difference for our Christmas Eve dinner is that we make Liver Ball Soup as an opener.  Not everyone likes liver, but this is really quite tasty.  Once a year tasty…

The night ends with the kids happily going to bed with excited anticipation for the following morning.  

Those are our traditions leading up to the Big Day.  They don’t seem like much, but my family loves every bit of it.  

So from my family to yours- have a safe a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas.

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