What?  What?  Let Me Turn This Down…

Never too old to crank the tunes.

I have a tendency to enjoy my music really loudly.  Our home is wired up as well.  However, having four other humans living here makes it difficult to agree on what to listen to.  My children are also constantly practicing piano, guitar, flute, bassoon, clarinet or sime other instrument. So usually the music isn’t played at home.  

Driving alone is my time to enjoy music.  Loudly.  No matter what style of music it is.  From bluegrass to disco, metal to classical- if I’m listening to music, guaranteed everyone outside of the car is as well.

This is what Supernatural has taught me.

The music goes on when I’m enjoying a drive with my family.  Usually at a comfortable volume.  But… I’ll turn up the music when I really like a song.  Or… I feel like pissing off my family in the car.  This is especially fun to do to my oldest.  Nothing like cranking out some 80’s hair band music while dropping her off at school.  

It’s a vicious cycle.

Music is meant to be enjoyed.  I enjoy music.  I always have.  As a teen, I had a car with two 12″ subwoofers that rattled the trunk something fierce.  My stereos have refined over the years and I enjoy the Bose speaker systems that came in our vehicles.  The Sirius XM has been a pleasure as well to enjoy.  I’m not sure I see a value in paying for a subscription radio though.  The regular FM channels are good, except for the commercials.  I do have plenty of music in MP3 format I could use.

Honestly, what am I supposed to do with my old cd collection? 

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