Christmas Tear Down

Today was a bittersweet day.  My wife and I worked all day taking down our Christmas decorations.

I pulled out all of the empty boxes from storage and began to De-Christmas every room.  My wife carefully took the ornaments off of our “elegant” tree.  During that time- I took down eight garlands, three wreaths, lights, linens, removed ornaments from two trees, packed up those two trees and knick knacks galore.  

It was a divide and conquer tactic.  What I was storing was easy and I knew exactly how it came out.  The ornaments my wife was dealing with were all keepsakes.  Ones that need a more delicate approach. It was smarter for us to separate.  I’m a “let’s get this done quickly” kind of personality.  My wife works diligently to prevent breakage.  I’m not saying I’m careless, I just get very frazzled doing things slowly.

One of our biggest challenges is the lack of storage space available in our home.  We have a neat little spot between the rooms that allows for stacked bins hidden behind a secret panel for most of the year.  But as time has gone on, we have collected more decorations and keepsakes.  Our laundry room closet is filled up as well now.  The artificial trees get to hang outside in our miniature barn.  I’m not wanting anything of value out there since there is always a possibility of rodents getting into things.

I think next year I’m just going to Saranwrap the trees so that they are decorated for the following year.  I’ll just shove them beside the woodshed and call it a day.

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