Remember to Erase Your Browsing History.

You can’t outrun your past.  But you can erase your browser history.  I recommend doing that on a regular basis.  Or you may end up repeating the same mistakes and seeing the same scenery-day in day out.

Much like browsing on your computer.  If you haven’t erased your browser history lately, do it.  It’s interesting to see how Google changes their ads to meet your lack of browsing needs.  Or go through your Facebook options and change your “Ad Preferences” in the settings to spice up the boredom of the same stuff.  All I was seeing was Star Wars t-shirts for weeks…

Kind of like life.  My other advice: Erase your regular routine once in a while and change it up.  I began trying new things over this past year.  You know what?  Life became more exciting.  Nearly everything I have experienced has bettered me as a person.

I discovered a renewed love of hanging out with friends (without children).  I also realized that I have a story to tell and some people enjoy reading it.  I began a journey that I am surprisingly good at.  All of this because I was not afraid to forget about the past and I began to look towards my future.

I’ve had many good days in my life. Some are extremely memorable: such as the day I met my wife, or the day my first child was born, or even the day my three children sat around me as I held our guinea pig as he took his last breath. Not every memory is good.  But, I’m not done with this world.  I have more memories to make.

I’m not searching for an answer, but rather trying to find more questions.  Resetting my personal browsing history doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten where I came from.  It’s more like I’m putting behind me the “what if” moments.  All of those possible choices that could have been.  No need to clutter my thoughts with those.

I’m always ready to spice up my life.  In fact, I’m going to search Amazon for a new Star Trek T-Shirt.  I can only wear so many Darth Vader shirts…

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