I Believe In You.

I’m not religious.  So I don’t believe in a god.  What I do believe in is the power of humanity.  I believe in each of my friends.

Wow is that ever cheesy.

I really want to believe in each of my friends.  Sometimes I hear a lot of talk and see no action.  People are always willing to complain about their situation, but when it comes time to make a change, nada.  That’s completely fine.  It’s their choice.  However, there is a point that people get tired of hearing the complaints.  How to respond to these complaints is entirely up to the rest of us.  I’ve narrowed down the possible responses that we often give to these people:

  1. “Don’t worry.  It’ll just sort itself out.”  This is a non-answer usually given to placate in hopes that the conversation is over.
  2. “I’m praying for you.”  Something religious people say.  Similar to number 1, only a tad more righteous in tone.
  3. “What are you doing about it?” This is the honest approach.  Usually reserved for friends that need you to ask that question.
  4. “Suck it up.”  For when you’ve heard this complaint far too often.  Usually reserved for close friends who are sick of your shit.
  5. “I have to go now…”  The answer we all give when we’ve given up trying to care.

So this whole “New Year-New Me” mantra is now entering into the third week.  If you haven’t already begun to try and better your life, it’d be best to get on it.  Or, stop complaining.

    I believe in you.

    I believe in Crystal Light, ’cause I believe in me.

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