Today I went in to get the windshield replaced on our Honda Element. As I was driving there I passed the police station. I began having an imaginary conversation in my head about being pulled over.

Police officer: “You have a broken windshield.”

Me:”I’m on my way to get it repaired. Here’s my email confirmation.” And I would show him my phone.

Say No to Crack.

Anyhow, that wasn’t my topic today. Having an imaginary conversation that most likely won’t happen is something we all do.  Usually right before falling asleep.  

Today’s topic is about glass.  

1970’s martini glasses and a glass fish.

I think glass is fascinating.  I love glass sculptures. I love stained glass. Or even fancy drinking glasses. Something about the way it is created astounds me.  Seriously.  It’s sand melted down.  How crazy is that?

I bought some Brandy because of the horse shaped bottle.

I could watch glass blowing and sculpting videos for hours.  It’s just mesmerizing.  The heat, the spinning, the hitting with hammers, the final project smoothed out and carefully cut off.  There’s an air of magic about it.  We have a couple of friends from the convention circuit who make adorable glass sculptures.  They look like marbles with eyes, mustaches and bow ties!  Check out Cute Glass by Bling Squared to see what I’m talking about.

When I first met my wife, I bought her a beautiful handmade kaleidoscope made of brass and glass pieces.  I’ll sit on the couch and stare through it, enchanted by the spiraling colours.  Maybe I bought it for me…

Even when glass shatters it’s intriguing.  The sounds, the shapes, the danger that surrounds it.  When I was about five years old, I did what any normal kid would.  I took my bike up the stairs on our back porch and let it freewheel back down to the ground.  It rolled down the flight of stairs and crashed right into the basement window.  Shattering the glass.  I got in a bit of trouble… however, my father replaced the pane himself.  I watched as he cut the new piece of glass and he warmed up some putty to put around to seal it.  I still remember the smell of the putty.

And glass is everywhere in our lives.  On cars, homes, offices, buildings, tvs, the list goes on…  We are surrounded by it.  We forget that it’s there.

I love the beauty that glass brings forth.  Perhaps one day I can learn to do glass blowing or making stained glass windows.

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