Where Did My Naps Go?

Lately I’ve been putting in twelve hour days at work and sleeping a full eight hours at night.  Mind you I only work 3-4 days/week which is nice.  That gives me a three day weekend pretty much every week.  

Eleven months ago I wrote about the joy of Naps.  I still try and grab a nap on my days off.  “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  Let me correct that- I do nap on my days off.  However, I am suddenly enjoying a full eight hour block of sleep on the days I work.  It’s very different than I’m used to.  I almost like it.

Even my commute to and from work isn’t as bad as I once thought it would be.  Working in Downtown Vancouver was never on my agenda.  I never wanted a job that I would need to commute for.  In fact most of my jobs up until working at the railroad were within ten minutes of my home.  I only mention this because my commute driving cuts into my nap time.  

But the commute in the morning is generally before the traffic starts up.  So I am on the road for about forty minutes.  In the evening it only takes me about an hour or so to get home.  I utilize this time to listen to NEWS1130 on the am dial and get my daily intake of events.  It’s my favorite radio station by far.  In under an hour I am well informed and don’t need to waste valuable time filtering out social media “shares” to find news sources.

Because my commute is achievable and straightforward, I have been known to get to work a bit early and find a quiet spot to nap for about 20 minutes before work.  Why do I get to work early you ask?  Because I hate being late for anything.  I allot myself a buffer just in case of traffic.  And traffic can be gridlocked if I leave even fifteen minutes later than I usually do.  So getting to work early is better than me cursing in my car.

Getting one chunk of sleep is an excellent reset to start every day.  I never used to do it.  But I will always love my naps- when I get them.  

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