No More Keys

A trend has been increasing lately.  It started years ago, but has gained momentum.  Keys are disappearing.

I don’t mean keys getting lost.  I’m talking about electronic keys taking over. It all began with hotels using swipe cards that fit into your wallet.  A couple of decades ago, numeric keypads began showing up on front doors of houses.  About a year and a half ago I installed a Bluetooth deadbolt on our front door.

All I need is my cellphone nearby and our front door unlocks. I can even lock or unlock it from an app on my phone.  I’ve sat in my car in the driveway and unlocked the front door for my kids to get in.  No searching for house keys with a handful of groceries.  Just touch the deadbolt and it unlocks.  I’ve even used my elbow and nose to accomplish this feat.  Because why not?

My new car (correction, our new car) has a Start/Stop button on the dash beside the radio.  I feel all futuristic with just a button to press.  All I require is for the fob to be nearby in order to start the car.  That took me some getting used to.  Prior to this, I would come home and place my wallet, keys and watch in a basket.  Since I don’t need to physically take my keys out of the ignition, I have often forgotten the fob in different jackets.  My wife has had to rummage through a few of her purses as well in order to find her copy of the key fob.

What I find odd about our new car is that on the steering column there is still a place for the ignition.  Almost like installing a push button start was an after thought in the design.  Or perhaps all of the steering columns were made years in advance and the eco friendly option was to put a cap over the location of the ignition.

The locks aren’t disappearing.  We are still securing our possessions.  But everything is getting automated or electronic.  The trunk on our car is push button to open.  I can even use my cellphone to pay for goods without ever needing my wallet again.

I better not lose my key fob or phone.  Or else I can’t get in my car, my house or pay for travel.  That would suck.

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