I’m Pretending to Be a Hipster Douche.  But Failed Miserably.

I don’t have a beard.  Or a man-bun.  But lately I have been drinking more craft beers.  Usually I just hit the BC Signature Liquor Store and grab a bottle of something local.  Sometimes I’ll drive to one of the many micro breweries and fill a growler.

Tonight I attended a thing called “Cask Night” at a place called The Trading Post.  They brought in a cask from another local brewery.  It was a sampling of Huell Melon from Foamer’s Folley.  It was ok.  I’m not at the stage in my drinking of explaining if something is hoppy or oaky or whatever.  But, what I found unique from the experience was that it is a new way to enjoy having a beer.  

My friend Greg showed up and we had a couple glasses and just talked about life.  And it was good.  It felt good.  We don’t work together.  We are also a few years different in age.  But he’s my friend and we have many experiences that we could relate to one another.

I also ended up seeing a former employee of mine from over ten years ago.  I knew him when he was a teenager and still hadn’t graduated from high school yet.  He seems to be doing well for himself.  I’ve been his “Facebook Friend” for years, but something about a face-to-face interaction makes it more meaningful.  Even my buddy Greg saw an old friend of his.  

Today, my Facebook feed was filled with a strange dancing photo montage from each of my friends.  It was nice to see people IRL.  If sampling beer is what it takes, then I should do this more often.  Just not too much, or I could become an alcoholic.

Review of the beer?  Meh.  

Review of the friendships? Five Stars.

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