Snow Day?

Last night we found out that the schools would be closed for today.  This extended the children’s weekend by a day.  Not really a big deal for us since my wife works from home and I don’t work until this evening.  We made the children go to bed at a normal time last night.  Then we allowed them to sleep in.  I think they needed it.

They are outside playing in the snow and burning off energy.  I’m guessing it will be an early night because they will be exhausted.  I’m also happy that our oldest enjoys shoveling the driveway.  We pay her $5 every time she does it.  If she asked for more, we’d probably agree to it.  (She really needs to work on her negotiation skills.)  Two feet of snow isn’t easy to shovel…

Unfortunately, I don’t get a “Snow Day” from my work.  Trains still need to keep moving and customers need to be serviced.  I don’t mind.  Keeping products moving is vital to everyone’s way of life.  There are customers relying on those goods to make it where they need to get to.

I first began working for the railroad in winter of 2007.  I experienced firsthand working in the snow and cold overnight.  It never deterred me from doing my job.  Quite the opposite.  It made me appreciate the warm spring and summer months that much more.  

So I’m bundled up and off to work.  A chilly night lays ahead with more snow forecasted.  Perhaps a 2nd Snow Day will occur for the children…  but the trains need to keep moving.

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