Pizza Snack

As a teen I really enjoyed Pizza Pops.  Mmmm Exploded microwaved food product.

I still enjoy one from time to time.  Usually at work.  I have to hide them from the kids.  Otherwise they are gone instantly as soon as the box is unloaded from the groceries.  I do my best to never buy them when the kids will be around.  I’ll take them straight to work and hide them there.  But then my coworkers have been known to steal them.  Ugh.  It seems everyone likes Pizza Pops.

Even though they are a simple pleasure, sometimes being a frugal shopper has me trying other similar products.  Last night for example, I had some “Bagel Bites: Pepperoni Pizza” flavor as a snack at work.  The box of nine cost me a buck.  So why not try out a cheap late night snack?

They were the worst. 

The instructions said to microwave on high for 2 minutes and 20 seconds in their patented “crisper tray”.  So I did.  And the cheese still wasn’t melted and the nine mini bagels were still partially frozen.  So I moved them around in the tray and added another 45 seconds to the cooking time.  Now the cheese was melting and sliding off of half of the bagels and the rest were still partially uncooked.  The ones with with melted cheese now also had dried out rock hard bagel edges.  I removed the “cooked” bagels and heated the rest for a few more seconds.  

As I waited for the next batch to melt a bit more, I touched the top of a bagel bite and it seemed an ok temperature.  So I took a bite and burned my mouth.  For F**KSAKE!  Stupid pieces of sh!t. But now I’m far too hungry to care and ate the rest of them anyways.  Seriously, 3 minutes in the microwave is far too long to wait anymore.

Moral of the story?  Stick with Pizza Pops.  At least they admit that they explode in their advertising.

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