I never knew the luxury of having GPS Navigation in my car until last month.  I have had a smart phone for a few years, so bringing up Google Maps was easy at that point as long as I had a passenger in the car.  Otherwise it was a matter of memorizing all of the turns.

Even before owning an iPhone, I would use Google Maps or Map-quest on our home computer prior to leaving our home and print off directions.  In fact, we still have an envelope at home, with our first road trip to Disneyland.  It has notes and markings of what exits to find the best In-N-Out Burger and the easiest routes to the Holiday Inn Express locations that we have used as well.  Heck, we take it with us no matter what anyways.  It’s like a tradition when we do a California trip.

As I was cleaning out our 2003 Honda Element to store it away, I found an old Map Book shoved under the seat.  I don’t remember the last time I used it.  I do remember having it back in 2000 when my wife and I met.  It reminded me that we also have a file folder in our filing cabinet of old maps from my childhood in Edmonton and Vancouver.  It’s like an obsession to not throw away these maps. I guess I could repurpose them into something off of Pinterest.

Perhaps one day the technology will just scan our brains and know where we want to go.  Or maybe we just won’t need to travel anywhere and everything will be through VR.  Who knows.  

I am surprised that in under a decade we have moved from hundreds of years of paper maps to having access at our fingertips.

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