Valentine’s Day

What?  Another day to spend money on cards and candy?  Say it ain’t so!

Through gifts, phone calls, or on social media, today is when loads of people share their love.  It is wonderful to see it.

Hey.  I have someone whom I love very much.  I don’t need to buy her a card or waste money on flowers today.  But I did anyways because I realized that she’s amazing and I don’t always show it.  

Usually we don’t do more than just saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” to one another.  But today I decided to spend frivolously to express my feelings.  I even bought balloons and flowers for my daughters as well.  They are all my special ladies and I love them all very much.

So to whomever makes your heart flutter, remember to tell them every day, not just today, how much they mean to you.

To all my friends, have a wonderful day filled with love and kindness!

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