Time Waster

Recently I discovered the Facebook app on my iPhone allows me to play quick mindless games.  Some of them are throwbacks to the 80’s arcade.  Others are the crummy apps that got people addicted to their smartphones in the first place.  And some just don’t make sense.

I distracted myself this evening in a battle against my daughter as she tried to get higher scores than me.  And she did.  At almost every one of them.  Now I’m killing myself trying to get better.  It has also prevented me from spending time writing my blog.

It seems she is really good at these pointless games.  We played about a dozen of them.  Her on her phone & me on mine.  It surprised me at how quickly she mastered the games I played in my youth. What took me months and numerous quarters in an arcade took her merely minutes.

There was some good smack talk and banter going back and forth.  She has quite a sharp wit about her.  She definitely takes after her father in that aspect.  She is quick with a jab and can hurl an insult related to my inability to win.  

Clearly she has schooled me and left my reputation destroyed.  In a way I am proud.  It is time to pass on the torch.

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