Ah Sh…ooooe lace

I have a habit that I developed back when I was a child.  No, not reading- although I really should read more.  It’s something I do right before going to bed.  Not that!  Jeez.  What I do is make my lunch and set out the clothes I’m going to wear the next time I wake up.

Now you may be thinking, “But Josef- aren’t you a grown ass man?  Why do you need to choose your clothes a day in advance?”  Here’s my answer:

I hate rushing around.  I also enjoy getting a bit of extra sleep.  That whole “brain functioning” thing doesn’t work for me when I first wake up.  It’s probably why on my days off that I spend my first day sleeping in and wearing pjs all day.  I never set out my clothes the night before.  Having everything ready makes life easier.  However, I still struggle with one thing.  Shoelaces.

Not the act of tying shoelaces.  I can tie those no problem.  It’s more the act of untying my shoes that I forget.  

I get home and my feet just come out of my shoes.  I never untie them.  My children are just as guilty of this.  Our mud room has shoes scattered throughout all with the laces tied up.

The worst part is trying to put them on again.  Guaranteed- I will always try and slide my foot back in without untying them.  A bit of wiggling and shimmying to get my foot back in…  Nine times out of ten it doesn’t work.  I end up unlacing the shoes.  So whatever time I thought I would save by not untying them in the first place is lost.  My wife and kids are just as bad.  I have no idea why.  It’s just something we all do.  

So frustrating that we do it almost everyday.  Tomorrow will be the same thing.  I’ll forget what I wrote tonight and do the same song and dance before heading out the door.


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