Danger Zone

Absolutely no reason for my thought process today.  I was going to write about “Roasted Sea Laver”.  But this is all I could come up with:

Roasted Sea Laver is a delicious healthy treat.  Mmmm seaweedy goodness.  Like eating only the green part of sushi.  No rice or fish?  Sure, sell me a pack of that!

And here’s a photo:

Then I began thinking that I should write about how I enjoy using hands free technology with my cellphones.  My car has the ability to sync with my iPhone which is cool.  And at work I picked up a fancy “ear mullet” to use with the blackberry phone (not my choice of smartphones).  And here’s the photo I was thinking of using:

But all of that pales in comparison to my strange obsession with 80’s movie theme songwriter extraordinare Kenny Loggins. Footloose.  Danger Zone.  The only two songs I know and neither is from a film I enjoy.

And here’s the picture to go with that because Archer:

My brain couldn’t cope with getting a full article about anything in particular.  So there you have the three random thoughts I had as I drove home today.

Tomorrow I may write about a fancy new word I learned today: “Automagically”

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