Romantically Relaxing at the Roosevelt.

We are staying in the Roosevelt in Seattle for the weekend.  It’s our third time in this hotel in the past three years.  We keep coming back because of the luxury of it.  It’s in the upper price range of most of the locations we stay in for trips and conventions.  Usually you find us residing in a Holiday Inn Express.  But the Roosevelt has much more to it, even if it doesn’t come with a free breakfast.

It’s half a block from the convention center.  It’s also centrally located near restaurants and shops.  The rooms have been updated over the past year and are the epitome of high end.  The view of the city from our room is beautiful.  They offer valet parking and the staff is really friendly.  The staff has suggested many wonderful restaurants in the area, and all have delivered exactly as promised.  Especially Kizuki ramen.  Probably the best ramen I have ever eaten.

It may sound like I’m giving a five star review on *YELP, but we have had nothing but a wonderful experience with this location.  My wife and I are extremely relaxed.  The room is tastefully decorated with only furniture.  No tacky hotel artwork on the walls.  The most artsy thing is the clock radio.  

For a weekend in Seattle, this is a great place to stay.  I’m looking forward to another couple of nights here while we attend Emerald City Comicon.

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