‘Til You Make It

Being Under Pressure isn’t always fun.

I’d like to think that I know what’s going on.  But some days (or nights) I lose that sense.  I feel lost and overwhelmed.  Sometimes it’s being a parent, othertimes it could be the pressure of work.

When I tell my friends and coworkers this, they tell me I’m doing great.  They assure me that I’m going to get through it.  The compliments and pats on the back are somewhat soothing.  A rough day or moment can really bring you down.  Having a smile from someone you care about or an ear to talk to can actually make a difference in your attitude.  

I’m lucky to have such an outstanding wife and wonderful friends.  Each one listens or cares in their own way that it helps get me through my rough patches.  Their advice is often more catered to their lifestyles; even my wife doesn’t always say what I need to hear.  But I know it’s what my friends feel is the right thing to say or do to make you feel better.

After having such a fun weekend with my wife and fellow convention carny friends, it was hard to get through the last couple of nights at work.  I sought some advice from some coworkers and received this:

One said: “You are being tested to see how you will do under pressure.”  Maybe this is true.  Or maybe my skill set allows for me to take on a challenge.   This brings me to the next piece of advice given to me.

My other friend told me to “Fake it ’till you make it.”  I’m not sure what it means to “make it” these days.  I just want to get to a point where I feel more confident in what I do.  Repetition of my good skills and attitude will help get me where I want to go.  

I don’t want to be fake.  I want to be real.

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