I May Not Be Strong, But I Possess The Strength.

Each and every day, the weight of the world is on my back.  Not the entire world.  Just my little bubble.  The pieces that I have put together to create my world.  The part that I want to lift and rise above myself.  

I don’t feel that weight is on my neck.  Nor does it press down on my shoulders.  With my head held high, sights remain focused on the future.  I can still see ahead towards my goals as I push on.  And push on I must.

My feet tire but my legs grow stronger- ever striving onwards.  I cannot lose sight of what I desire.  The wish to see my family and friends succeed gives me strength.  This determination keeps me going.

The weight of my world presses down on my back.  The pressures of work create knots.  The stresses of how to raise and care for my children as they grow into teens and adults, pulls at my ligaments.  The world is on my back.  It may cause me pain or discomfort, but I won’t let it down.  

I won’t let my world down.  

I may not always be strong.  I may have to stumble to one knee, pause for a moment, and lift again.  I possess the strength to keep moving forward- with the world on my back.  

My world.

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