You Better…

I used the phrase, “You better be ready” earlier today with my wife.  I didn’t mean it as a threat, but she took it that way.  I can understand how.  The “Or Else” seemed to be insinuated with this phrase, although unintentional.  It’s just how I speak sometimes.

It occurred to me that tone, inflection, and attitude can make all the difference in how we speak to one another.  My wife and I spoke about this before lunch.  I felt I had done nothing wrong, she felt I was being bossy.  I’m glad we spoke about it because otherwise there may have been some animosity between us for the remainder of the day.

I don’t always think before I speak.  I also take for granted that I can speak my mind with friends and family.  If ever I upset someone in what I say or how I say it, I would hope that a healthy discussion would follow as to why.  Oftentimes I’m not trying to be unkind.  I’m not expecting to be friends with everyone.  I’m pretty sure I’ve offended my share of people by accident.  I know that first impressions can be misleading as well.

However, the next time I want my wife to be ready, I better not say “You better be ready” because the “Or Else” will come from her.

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